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Private Lessons are subject to availability.

Venue may be booked to close to where you live.

Private Lessons may be one to one, or up to four students.

The techniques imparted are designed to disable the attacker to allow escape. These may not be for the faint hearted, as some may find the techniques brutal. The attacker will utilise savagery to get you to do what they intend, your response must be equal to the attack.

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Private Self Defence Lessons

For some, the thought of joining a Martial Arts class is daunting, and may be a difficult decision to make. When looking for a self defence class, the prospect of training with a number of strangers may be disconcerting.

If this is the case, then private lessons with a skilled and experienced instructor may be a viable alternative.

Earl Walker - Self Defebce Trainer - BTEC Level 3One-to-one, private lessons can be provided by Earl Walker

6th Dan Ju Jitsu Black Belt

Experienced Door Supervisor

BTEC Level 3 Self Defence Trainer qualification

Qualified Personal Safety Trainer


In addition to the Physical Self Defence techniques that are taught, the basics of Personal Safety are also covered:

Prevention and Avoidance

Travel Safe

Identifying Risky Situations

Body Language

Dealing with Aggression

Escape Strategies

Fight or Flight

To enquire about costs, discuss your requirements and book a series of lessons, contact Earl Walker on 01279 419427, or email: Earl Walker