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The Warriors class is for older children, either those who have come through the system, or just beginning Ju Jitsu. From 6 years to 16 years old, the Hando Warriors concentrate on the Jikishin Syllabus, learning the same techniques (with a few exceptions) as the adults, and prepare them for achieving the ultimate goal of a Black Belt. The skills are practical and transferable, and gives the children self confidence, self control and an understanding of the discipline required to achieve success.

Hando Warriors TrainingThe Warriors are encouraged to work hard, and to achieve their goals in accordance with their abilities, and the children are never rushed into gaining their next belt. It is through encouragement, good teaching methods, hard work and dedication that the members progress, and often go on to train at the adults classes. The Warriors class has a reward system, and the children are encouraged to behave well, in order to have a game at the end of the class - the loss of participation in the games at the end of class is ALWAYS explained in terms of reward, and never as a punishment. We believe in inspiring good behaviour through reward, and the discipline at the club is very high.

For those who wish to compete, there are opportunities to train in Kata, Random Attacks, Groundfighting and Sparring (sparring kit is compulsory) - for further details on the competition categories see our Competition page. There are also specific training sessions for those who wish to compete held on Mondays from July to November to ready the competitors for the Jikishin Ju Jitsu Association / UKMAGB National Course and Competition which is held annually, usually in November. See our Competition Medals page, Competition Class page and our News Page for more on competition.

The Club is run by Jackie Walker, 4th Dan and Senior Club Coach.

Jackie Walker is the Club Welfare & Child Protection Officer.

Earl Walker, 6th Dan and Senior Coach, is the Chief Instructor for Hando Ju Jitsu Clubs.

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