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Hando Ju Jitsu Harlow Mini Warriors Club

NOTE: Mini-Warrior Numbers are LIMITED so please call before bringing your child along.

The Mini Warriors class is designed for children from 4 years to 7 years old, for boys and girls, and has quite a different approach to the Hando Warriors class. An excellent starter class for younger children and those who are a little shy or intimidated by larger classes, the Mini Warriors class will introduce Ju Jitsu in a smaller class with a high degree of attention to individuals. The class is a little shorter than the Hando Warriors class reflecting the shorter attention span of the younger children. Numbers are limited in order to give the children the attention that youngsters need in order to progress.

With younger children concentration levels are often an issue. The Mini Warriors class is designed to bring the smaller kids into Ju Jitsu through a route that includes more Ju Jitsu type games, bringing out a competitive spirit in a very controlled environment, and instilling discipline. This prepares the youngsters for the Hando Warriors class.

Hando Ju Jitsu Harlow Mini Warriors ClubRewards for improving skills, working on the Jikishin White and Yellow Belt syllabus, learning to breakfall, and learning their first Kata, are given, as well as rewards for good behaviour.

The youngsters are given the incentive to work hard and achieve their goals. Whatever the age, the children are encouraged to work hard, and on reaching the age of 7, or achieving Orange Belt, the child will move up into the Hando Warrior class. There are games at the end of class, as a reward for concentrating and working hard. The games are designed to encourage fitness, strength, coordination and working with others.

The Club is run by Jackie Walker, 4th Dan and Senior Club Coach.

Jackie Walker is also the Club Welfare & Child Protection Officer.

Earl Walker, 6th Dan and Senior Coach, is the Chief Instructor for Hando Ju Jitsu Clubs.

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