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Senior Clubs

Triangle ChokeHando Jikishin Senior Ju Jitsu Clubs have been running since 1979 and have built a solid reputation for the quality of training and the discipline of the students.

The Senior Classes are very flexible, with Self Defence, Competitive Sparring & Groundfighting, Random Attacks and Kata practiced regularly, in addition to the usual Syllabus work required to attain each grading. We are open to male and female students, and young people (usually over 14), who are encouraged to join the senior class in order to make improvements in their technique.

Sensei Paul Anthony & Sensei Jamie Taylor completing a TechniqueIn order to progress a student must show regular attendance, train diligently, obey the Club and Association rules, and perform the techniques taught in a safe and controlled manner.

We have a great mix of men & women, of all ability. The club is eclectic, and in addition to the usual Ju Jitsu techniques, we also utilise techniques from from boxing, wrestling, karate, MMA & Muay Thai - this give all students something to work with.

Located at Harlow in Essex the clubs appeal to a wide range of young people from 14 to 70 years old.

The Club is run by Earl Walker, 6th Dan and Level 4 Coach.

Earl Walker - Chief Coach - 4th DanBased in Essex, Earl Walker is an ex Amateur Boxer, Amateur Freestyle Wrestler, and Doorman. He has huge experience in dealing with confrontation, aggression and violence. Earl also runs a Personal Safety Training company specialising in Lone Working. With more than 40 years experience in the fighting disciplines and over 20 years in Ju Jitsu, Earl is uniquely placed to teach aspects of Self Defence and Personal Safety which are often unavailable to members of the general public. Earl is also a qualified BTEC Level 3 Self Defence Instructor.

Earl Walker, 6th Dan and Level 4 Senior Coach, is the Hando Ju Jitsu Clubs Chief Instructor. Earl is assisted by Jackie Walker, 4th Dan and other high grade, qualified coaches. See our Coaches Page for further details of our coaching team,


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